About Us

ALLEVIATE Atopic Dermatitis Initiative

The ALLEVIATE Atopic Dermatitis Initiative includes online CME offerings for clinicians and patients. It is particularly relevant to patient care since we are hoping to empower learners with usable therapeutic strategies to improve clinical experiences with AD.

Through participating in our online offerings and exploring the information on our smart device app, we aim for our participants to more effectively manage patients with AD, ensure their quality of life, and promote a faster return to normalcy in their everyday lives.

About Med Learning Group

The goal of Med Learning Group – an accredited CME provider – is to provide high-quality education designed to deliver the highest level of outcomes for clinical practitioners and their patients.

As part of the Ultimate Medical Academy family, Med Learning Group has developed strong relationships with several medical associations, community and academic hospitals, patient advocacy groups, managed care organizations, and government agencies. Through these relationships, Med Learning Group has been able to offer validated educational courses created directly for specialty audiences.

Med Learning Group has expertise in developing both live and online activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive, and patient-centric in nature. We focus on applying adult learning theory and principles to our programs, and more importantly, we understand the nuances of our target audiences and design programs with a grounded understanding of how to educate both specialty audiences and general practitioners.